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Our Story

Our dedication goes to serving our clients and helping them achieve their real-estate goals. We are not simply invested in the sale but want to continue providing expertise as your real estate advisers. We care about your long-term financial security in what is likely your largest asset.

One of the things we value most about this career is the opportunity of educate and serve, while providing expertise in real estate matters. Tyler’s background in residential construction allows us to help clients know what to look for—potential problem areas, areas of potential concern, quality of construction, and also how to spot that “diamond in the rough.” Educating others about real estate investment options is also a valuable asset to potential “flip” candidates.  We are here to help a wide variety of clients—whether first-time home buyers or well-established homeowners—who are interested in premium properties, we've got your back.

Keeping up to date on new developments in real estate, we understand the complexities of today’s real estate transactions. Therefore, we are equipped to solve problems as they arise, by looking at the issue from a number of angles and finding that win-win solution. We are passionate about pursuing a course that we believe is right and approach each situation with the highest level of integrity. As committed advocates for our clients, we exercise careful, strategic negotiation techniques to achieve favorable outcomes.

We take care of all our clients as though they are part of the family.

You can count on commitment from us.