Our Process for Buyers

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a home with buyers who feel instantly that this home is right for them. Handing the keys over to the new homeowners is another favorite moment.  However, finding the right home usually requires time, dedication, and patience, so working efficiently and strategically is of critical importance.

Initial Meeting. When we start working with a new buyer, we usually find that a face-to-face meeting is the best way to begin.  When we learn more about my buyers’ situations and understand their preferences, goals, and budget, we can then search for properties that meet their needs. If you are the buyer, we also want to know what channels you have already used in your home search. If you have searched online for homes or attended open houses, we can discuss what home features, floor plans, and interiors caught your eye. We will then search with your best interests at heart.

From the initial meeting we will create a search plan that works with your time constraints and priorities. In a fast-paced market we’ll want to get into certain homes as soon as they are listed.

Financing. During the initial meeting, we will talk more about your financial picture and your home-buying priorities. If you haven’t talked with a lender, we can recommend the names of several who will help you clarify your home-buying budget. Getting pre-approved is critical and puts you in a stronger position when you make an offer.

Searching for Homes.  Windermere has a great online tool, Windermere's Home Search Portal, to help us keep track of the homes we have looked at. You can create an online account through the Windermere website. Simply indicate on the website that you want to work with me, and we will be able to share listings. I will see what you have marked as your favorites, and we can share comments on homes of interest. We will research the homes you find intriguing, and we can then decide whether to go take a look.

Viewing Homes. When we do go out to look at homes, we like to get a sense of your feelings and reactions when you walk through. Whether you are impressed, neutral, or even disgusted, those reactions are clues that get us closer to finding the right home.

Educating Clients.  As we also search for homes in different areas, we will help educate you on common services, amenities, or challenges in each area. For example, certain rural areas rely on wells and septic systems. If you have never owned a well property, you will want to know what to expect. In addition, some neighborhoods have homeowner associations or are prone to flooding. This information may influence your home-buying decision.

Making an Offer. When you find the right home, we will make sure you have all the research needed to write a compelling offer. Each area, style of home, and price point is different in terms of demand, so knowledge is necessary when writing an offer. We are familiar with what it takes to win an offer and what risks might be at stake to stay competitive in a multiple-offer situation. We will connect with the listing agent and negotiate strongly on your behalf.

From Pending to Closing. Once your offer is accepted, we will guide you through the process, making sure all deadlines and expectations are met. We will also provide you with a pending-to-close calendar to make sure your transaction stays on track–all the way to getting your keys, moving in, and beyond.