Process for Sellers

When you decide to sell your home, the goal is to get the best price and the most favorable terms in a time frame that meets your needs. That’s why many sellers choose to work with a full-service, licensed real estate professional like me.

From effective pricing and marketing to making sure the closing process runs smoothly, I provide expert representation and support every step of the way. Exceptional service is the key to a successful transaction and ultimately a happy, satisfied seller. Detailed marketing plans are tailored to my clients’ specific needs. That being said, the following provides an overview of what you can expect when working with me:

Initial Meeting. If you are considering selling, please contact me at least one month ahead of time. This will allow me to come by and see the home and evaluate where your home might be in relation to the current market. I will also consult with you regarding curb appeal and design standards, as well as give you suggestions for increasing your bottom line.

During that initial meeting, I will also ask you a number of questions about the home – what improvements you have made, what things you love or dislike about it, and even what quirks the house has. I will take extensive notes during that walk-through to help me find “listing dollars” – or those amenities that will add value to your home and are in demand by buyers.

Pricing.  Armed with the information gathered during our initial meeting, I will do extensive pricing research. In my opinion, pricing a property involves much more than simply looking at recent sales in today’s market (done via a Comparative Market Analysis – CMA). I look at a number of other resources including Realist, the MLS, CityData, evaluating current supply and demand for your type of home. I look at days on market to determine how fast the market is moving, and I research how fast current inventory is being “absorbed” or purchased by the market. I also consult with other agents in my office who have had recent sales in the area to get their opinion on the range I propose.

At that point, I will meet again with you and share what I have learned about the real estate market on that very local scale and the measured demand for your type of home. We will discuss things like your timeline and financial goals, and we will determine a price that is in line with your goals and the market.

Staging and Marketing. One of my points of difference is bringing a stager in to evaluate your home through the eyes of potential buyers. Research shows that marketing a home to appeal to the potential market for that home is a sure-fire way to “wow” those buyers. I provide a one-hour staging consultation. We will discuss the staging options for your home once the consultant has provided recommendations.

Photography. People are visual. If buyers encounter your home online before seeing it live, photography is the primary way to entice them to schedule a tour with their agent. I always use professional photographers.  In my experience, these professional images help create the most traffic and attract prospective buyers to schedule live visits.

Online Marketing. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 92% of all buyers search for homes online. The goal is to get those buyers interested in taking a closer look at your home. Therefore, it is critical to make sure your home information appears on the different websites where buyers may be searching. This is called, listing syndication.

Print Marketing. Although online marketing is critical, buyers still want–and expect–print material when they come for a tour.  I provide a number of tools for potential buyers to evaluate your home:

  1. I create beautiful house flyers
  2. I put “silent talkers” up to point out all the amenities not visible to the naked eye, such as high efficiency furnaces, built-in vacuum systems, or radiant floor heating
  3. I have a Home Book created through the title company which includes tax and lot information, easement information, sales history, and more
  4. I create a Just Listed notification that I send out to either the neighbors or an area of potential “move-up” buyers – whichever will create the most traffic
  5. Finally, I have a marketing listing checklist which includes a number of additional tasks I undertake on your behalf, all designed to get your listing sold.

Open Houses.  Open Houses are a great way to direct traffic to your listing. I schedule open houses throughout the time your home is listed and have a robust set of materials I bring with me to provide the information potential buyers want to know about your home.